The #1 Question in Marketing


David Avrin (The Visibility Coach) spoke to our TEC group this week and he reminded us of the most important question in marketing:

Why should customers choose you?

This is a simple yet deep question for any organization as it cuts to the heart of your value proposition. I believe there are three (3) ways we can break this question down into smaller, more bit-sized elements and, if we do our homework, the answers can lead to great results.

1. Know as much as you can about your customers.

This is a very basic business element but addressing it is critical to informing your future decisions… and the answer is not everyone.

Who are the people that truly value (or need) what you offer and are willing (maybe even ecstatic) to pay for it? How much do you know about them? Why do they value your offering? Is it convenience? Quality? The social credibility your product gives them in their social circles? Do you help them improve their condition personally? How do they connect with your brand or with you as a person?

2. Understand the “choices” available.

In order for a buyer to choose you need to have choices and in today’s landscape your customers have a lot of choices. In light of this, do not make the mistake of thinking you’re superior to your competition. All businesses are generally good and I’ve never worked with or talked with an owner that didn’t want to provide their customers with great value and a great experience. Do things like… be a mystery shopper, visit competitors, research what and how they do what they do so you can understand where you can create a more distinct brand.

3. Create a compelling reason to purchase.

The key to a great offering is to be memorable so that customers know they are making a distinct choice.

Why is your unique offering better for your customers? How does it add more value? What can you add or provide that would make your offering even more amazing?

Questions like these start to poke at your current product/service offerings but it’s never about making one change and then sitting back, you need to constantly ask and re-ask hard questions because your customer’s needs and preferences change.

Once you have answered these questions the next step is to communicate the difference in a memorable, and cost effective, way to your potential customers.

Exercise: Prior to your next meeting have each team member prepare an answer to the question, “Why should customers choose you?”. When you meet face to face, go around and see what the differences are in everyone’s answers. I was surprised and intrigued by what I heard when I did it with our team recently and I think you’ll learn something through this exercise as well.

Have a great day!

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