Braden Douglas, Leader of Impact.

Braden Douglas is passionate about mentoring and equipping leaders for a life of impact.

Through his involvement with LeaderImpact, board work and volunteerism, Braden utilizes his writing, speaking and coaching to motivate leaders and organizations to build deeper meaning into their lives, organizations and the world at large.

He is the founder of Crew Food & Beverage Marketing Partners, a full-service creative agency with a reputation for strategically growing food, beverage and agriculture brands.

Becoming a Leader of Impact

Making an impact is essential for leaders who want to create positive change and leave a legacy. In his new book BECOMING A LEADER OF IMPACT, Braden dives into the philosophy behind LeaderImpact, and the tenants that lead to life-changing results. The world needs leaders to step up and make an impact. How starts here.

“There are oodles of books about leadership. But this is the first book that takes leadership back to why it matters in the first place. That is, to make an impact. If you have been gifted with leadership ability, pursue your full potential and read this remarkable and raw telling of how to become a Leader of Impact.”
Esther DeWolde CEO Phantom Screens

There are a few main ways to connect with Braden. Choose the one that fits you.


His IG account is where he shares the three facets of his full-impact life: professional, personal and spiritual. Professionally, he shares insights on leadership impact and business strategy; from a personal side, Braden shares moments in his life with family and friends. Typically you’ll find his insights on food marketing living with Crew, but fair warning, there may be some carry-over once in awhile. Braden reveals his spiritual life in posts related to faith, inspiration and deeper guidance. These facets are a reflection of the three areas Braden feels all leaders need to develop and prioritize to build a life of Impact. (More on this in his latest book)



He’s most active here. His posts feature his professional learnings and activities and bring awareness to the work he’s doing through Crew.

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Every month or so, Braden publishes an article or blog that he feels will add value to leaders. We try to get him to post more often. We then send you an email with a quick intro to the post and easy access to the content. Eventually, they turn into books, which makes our job easier.

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If you’re looking to book Braden for an interview, ask a question or engage him for a speaking opportunity, email him directly with the form and himself or one of his team members will get back to you. He reads all his emails but doesn’t always respond to each one personally, as his schedule can get crazy.

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Public Speaking

Braden is a dynamic and well-known speaker with a long history of keynotes on various topics. Now, Braden speaks only on the two subjects he is most passionate about, Food Marketing and Impact. Each interactive and energetic talk draws on his life experience, client work, and research. Conference organizers and attendees give rave reviews, and he loves to do it.

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