Becoming a Leader of Impact

Making an impact is essential for leaders who want to create positive change and leave a legacy—a trendy thing to say, but a hard tenet to live by. LeaderImpact, a movement of professionals dedicated to inspiring one another in this quest, has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs for decades to facilitate life-changing results.

Now Braden Douglas discusses their philosophy for success in BECOMING A LEADER OF IMPACT. Filled with real-world examples and engaging stories, this guidebook will inspire you toward impactful change in all areas of your life, from the personal and professional, to even the spiritual. The world needs leaders, like you, to step up and leave a legacy. Your impact starts here.

About The Author

About The Author

Braden Douglas is the founder of CREW Marketing Partners, one of the fastest growing marketing and creative agencies in Canada. Founded in 2007, CREW has won numerous awards for their service and brand leadership. Braden started his career in brand management at Frito Lay and Procter & Gamble, but throughout his life, his passion has been helping leaders make a significant impact in the world.

He currently volunteers with LeaderImpact as a member of the Global Advisory Board, where he plays a key role mentoring leaders, speaking, and developing content. Braden lives outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife and two kids.


“For the past forty years I have endeavoured to develop impactful leaders. How I wish this book had been available when I started. Braden has produced a gem and I recommend it.”
Paul Henderson NHL Hockey Legend, Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker
“Leaders of impact are needed everywhere, especially in the influential arena of sports. This book will challenge you how to become such a leader, and will explain why your leadership is so important.”
Dave Wannstedt FOX Sports, former NFL and collegiate football coach
“There are oodles of books about leadership. But this is the first book that takes leadership back to why it matters in the first place. That is, to make an impact. If you have been gifted with leadership ability, pursue your full potential and read this remarkable and raw telling of how to become a Leader of Impact.”
Esther DeWolde CEO Phantom Screens
“This is a book for the leader who wants more than surface level success. The LeaderImpact Model gives you a clear way to integrate each area of your life into one driving force of lasting impact. Read this book today!”
Stu McLaren Founder of TRIBE
“I consider Braden a leader to follow. He lives out the words found on these pages. This book challenges us all to live fully for Christ, wherever we work”
Shaila Visser Global Senior Vice-President Alpha International
National Director, Alpha Canada
“To lead is a privilege, but to be a leader who truly makes a difference is a much higher calling. Be prepared to be challenged as author Braden Douglas, shares insights in the journey to “Becoming a Leader of Impact”. It’s a must read!”

Don Van Meer President/CEO (Retired) Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business
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