Finding the Right Answer


Earlier I talked about asking one hard question. Yes, that’s right, one question that can really help guide your organization towards success. Maybe your questions is something along the lines of: “Is your organization struggling to thrive, or worse, fighting to survive?” Regardless, it comes down to finding that question out.

Consider yourself challenged. Let’s get started!

Grab a note pad and start making a quick hit list of all the questions you have floating around in your head: staffing, retention, structure, offerings, pricing, customer needs, audience, overhead, customer service, sales process, whatever. Don’t think, just write.

Now, sit on that list for a few days (or just move to the next step because I know you have no patience). Look at our list and split them up based on whether the answer will help you “short term” or “long term”.

Write down the main reason customers choose you over the competition (aka: Your unique value proposition).

Which question in your list directly adds to or detracts from your “value” that you provide in the market?

The answer to this question should be your top priority.

I did this exercise with Relevention and my question was “Is our team the best at marketing strategy for the industries we serve?” This led me to start a full scale SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) process and focus on training and deeper professional development for the team.

Share your top three questions with your management team, or a trusted peer, and together select one hard question.

Asking one hard question will inspire radical thinking. When you foster a culture of inquiry then you will be a leader worth following.

A hard-hitting question by a leader might be disruptive, but that’s not a bad thing. If it’s conveyed in the right manner, and if everyone can be motivated to discover the answer, it will establish a new challenge that inspires employees and board members alike to go an extra round, or two, no matter how deep they are into the fight. Try it at your next offsite or board meeting… I dare you.