Asking the Hard Question


Is your organization struggling to thrive, or worse, fighting to survive? If so, then it’s time to dig deep and ask (out loud) the one question that no one else is asking. But what is that one question?

There are two (2) things to consider as you search for the hard truth:

  1. A mind-blowing question must succinctly identify a major issue at a macro level. Don’t get caught in the minutia.
  2. Ask a lot of questions (privately) and through the process of elimination narrow it down to a single question – then throw out all those other questions. Don’t overload the system.

Challenging the status quo with one hard-hitting question about your organization at its core can be a powerful tactic in re-shaping the future. Great marketing campaigns often come out of gigantic shifts in focus. It’s time to stop tweaking; it’s time to dig deep and shake things up.