The 3 Words That Focus Priorities


I’m not sure if themes or jargon or certain sayings of leaders exist in your organization, but they do in mine. A few years ago, “brand story” was a favourite as the idea that every brand needed a clear and compelling narrative order to stand out and be memorable.

Not long ago, the words “run it to ground” became part of the everyday vernacular as our agency began the shift to using analytics and data more for management decisions.

Now – we’ve found a new one that I feel is not so much a repetitive saying but rather a core value that I hope has staying power. It’s also an idea that every leader should be asking of themselves and every person/activity within their organization.

“Always Add Value”

This seems simple on the surface but it has profound implications that ensure your actions and activities are well thought out and prioritized properly. I also believe that value needs to be thought of with respect to your organization’s value proposition and the customers/consumer/client that you serve.

Is that meeting adding value? Will that conversation add value? Is everyone at the table adding value or are they just here for political reasons? Is that report adding value or is it making more work? Is every role in the org chart adding value? Is that new product or service feature adding real value or is it just neat? Which of these five projects will add the most value to the end user?

Always adding value is a constant goal for every leader. It’s usually the difference between long-term success or failure which is why I think it’s important to make it part of the everyday language within our organization.

Have a great day!