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Leveraging Your Success to Generate Leads

From my perspective, if you are in a business-to-business industry, the best method for generating leads is to leverage your successes. The most common tactic used to do this is the almighty case study. Even though most people know this they still don’t build compelling case studies —these documents are often so boring, and so poorly developed, that they fail to present any real value and they give very little evidence of tangible results.

Showing a half-baked case study is like marketing your mediocrity—it won’t inspire further inquiry… or worse, it will repel a potential buyer.

A case study breaks down the process of how you, as a product or service provider, solved an issue or produced a specific result. This sales document should reveal a competitive advantage for your company in an inspiring way that injects the prospect with confidence, reassuring them that you are a qualified source of value. A well-built case study is a remarkable ‘pre-sell’ tool that can help you warm-up a cold lead faster than any other method.

At CREW we call this process Showcasing—a term we use instead of ‘case study’ simply because it sounds better (and we want to ensure that we are demonstrating the value we bring). Our goal is to engage the reader and illustrate how our efforts aligned with our client’s brand, addressed their needs, and produce authentic results. We don’t use hardcore sales pressure tactics, we show value and tell it like it is: awesome.

Clients regularly ask us to help them with their strategy so I decided to write down our process and make it available to you, my faithful readers, for FREE.

CLICK HERE to download the CREW Showcasing Strategy PDF and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!
– Braden

Warning: We’ve included a shameless plug for using our agency at the end of the PDF; if you would like help executing your own Showcasing Strategy feel free to reach out, we’re happy to help.