Have an Identity Worth Stealing


A brand is more than a logo; we can probably agree on that. But what most leaders don’t realize is that an organization’s identity is what’s truly valuable when it comes to the brand they present.

In our work with Globe Printers we were looking to transform their sales team from “paper pushers” to “business consultants” in an effort to boost the value of their services, increase sales, and bring their corporate identity to life. Their target audience needed the printing process to be easier to understand, to be better guided through the process, helping them understand what to buy within their budget and how it would help drive results. Our “If print is dead, we must be Elvis.” campaign helped bring it all together and not only generated serious results, but also triggered a deeper paradigm shift within their organization.

A brand identity encompasses the entire visual representation of an organization’s product or service and the benefit it offers a target audience. It reinforces your position within a specific market and becomes a communication shortcut that allows people to immediately classify information about products or services once their awareness has been heightened. In other words, it cuts through all the noise, or distances you from your competition.

A brand is also an extension of your company’s culture. The mission, vision, and values should actually help define and shape your brand, ensuring consistency from the inside out. Once you’ve established your brand, every decision you make moving forward, including hiring decisions, should align with what your brand stands for.

Want your organization to be taken more seriously in your market? Develop a brand identity that makes others want to be like you.