My Wife Just Launched Something Cool

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Behind every successful leader, there’s an understanding spouse. I don’t know where I heard this quote but I couldn’t agree with it more. In order to lead a business, department or organization, it takes a lot of work. More work and effort than I realized when I first started CREW. The time to do the work is typically taken from family or leisure time, which is not an easy sacrifice.

How many times has my wife heard this…
• Just one more email and then I’ll come home.
• This trip is important, it’ll be quick.
• Sorry hun, I’ll turn off the light, I just need to finish this.
• I know it’s a lot of money, but the investment is needed in the company to help it grow.

There was no manual for how to start a business and make family life and marriage work. My wife, Jen, and I didn’t come from business or entrepreneurial families and although they are supportive, our parents can’t offer much advice.

We had to figure it out and this is where Jen thrived. She started connecting with women older than her who had been in a similar position to figure out how to balance, prioritize, and succeed in this life. She also read a lot, mentored younger women and journaled her experiences.

Over the past year or so, she’s realized that there are a lot of women in her position, and increasingly so. Women who are facing similar challenges and would also want to learn, grow, and not just survive the entrepreneurial life – but thrive in it.

The result was a passion project that I’m excited to introduce to you for the first time: Jen’s blog,

This is a big step for Jen as she doesn’t like being in the public eye. She’s an exceptional host, organized mom, and takes care of the details in the background, but feels out of her comfort zone in this type of thing (very opposite from me). The reason she’s doing it though, is to be a blessing for others like her. Women who are married to an ambitious leader or entrepreneur need support and community. They need to be encouraged. They need practical advice for having a great marriage, how to plan and adapt to unique challenges, develop a home of health and wellness, and raise their children to be great while living in a chaotic or stressful environment. There is a need to create a space for women to be authentic and supported in this crazy and unique life.

If you know people that fit this audience. Send them this post and link to her site. Never underestimate the role of a spouse in your success and how important success at home is needed for success at work. My hope and Jen’s hope is that this initiative would be a true gift and blessing for years to come.

Talk to you soon.