Don’t Miss Out On Something Great


As many of you know, I published my first book Becoming a Leader of Impact in September. The book was designed to help leaders integrate their professional, personal and spiritual lives, in order to be leaders who have impact on others.

Since the book launch, I’ve been asked to speak with different leaders and LeaderImpact groups across Canada and globally. In fact, there’s a Global Summit happening virtually on Thursday, December 3rd for only 3 hours that I’m inviting you to, but we’ll get back to that. It’s been great to see people getting involved with LeaderImpact, committing themselves to be with other leaders who share their passion for making a difference.

But, I’ve noticed, there’s something missing. More so, there’s someone missing. Now that I think about it, it’s there on every call or meeting I’m in.

Last week I woke up at 4:30am to get ready for a 5am Zoom call with a certain LeaderImpact group. They were working through the book and had some questions for me. One question a leader asked me opened my eyes again: “Did you have someone in mind as you wrote the book?”

His question triggered something inside of me. I did have someone in mind.

At the very beginning of the writing process, the publisher has you outline the purpose of the book, the chapter outlines, and the “avatar” –  a specific person from your intended audience that you are writing to. The intent is to ensure your book is clear, and your writing flows like a conversation instead of a textbook.

Bill, And Pete, And John, And…

In the avatar exercise I started by writing down the name of a client and friend named Bill. Then, I wrote down the name Pete. Then John, then Jordan, followed by Stu. Then, my brother Nate. And, my brother-in-law Craig.

I felt like I was failing the exercise, as I couldn’t narrow the list down. Hal, the wise editor-in-chief, could sense my frustration and he simply said, “Braden, if there’s enough similarity between these people, they’re all fine to picture as you write. And maybe different stories or points will resonate with each of them differently.”

That’s all I needed to hear. Hal was right.

But what does this have to do with my call to the LeaderImpact group at 5am?

As I met with the group and listened to them, I could sense some of them had lost the purpose. They had been involved with LeaderImpact for years, but their passion was growing colder; they had shifted away from living a life of impact for others, and instead it became about what they get from the group and the content.

It’s not uncommon; this even happens to groups I lead. We lose the heart of the reason we gather together: to create a movement. We slowly become consumers who only look at the self-serving benefits of seeing friends and learning. The outreach fades.

In Search Of Purpose

Outreach is the thing that’s missing. When your relationships or LeaderImpact group or church stops growing, it means people have stopped talking about it. They’re not as passionate as they once were and have stopped bringing others.

What was missing in this particular group, and what I’ve seen missing even in my own,) is the list of leaders everyone has. The list of people that would love to be involved, who need the focus professionally, personally, and spiritually. They weren’t there, and most likely are not getting this input anywhere else.

As I was answering the questions in that 5am group, I could see them start to come alive. The older members started to remember the purpose of the start-up phase and rekindle their passion. The idea of reaching others, inspiring them to become leaders of impact and make a contribution was still there. It just needed to be awoken.

All leaders, groups, and companies need reminders of their purpose. As a leader, your job is to tell stories that remind people of the purpose driving the heart of the mission. To help them see the difference they are making and to encourage them towards this goal together. You need to motivate people.

I want to invite you to get involved in LeaderImpact. Join a group. Lead a group. Start a group. Write content. Invite others. Read the book. Give it away to friends and clients. Give money. Whatever it is, just be part of it.

The purpose as a global organization is to help leaders develop professionally, personally, and spiritually so they can have an impact. And we’re seeing the difference in hundreds of lives.

The movement is growing, and for the very first time they are holding a Global Summit on Thursday, December 3, 2020. They’ve allowed me to use a promo code BDOUGLAS for 40% off the ticket price for readers ofmy blog. Your price is only $29 USD.

It’s cheap – probably too cheap, but I’m working on it. The main speakers are fantastic too – Marcus Buckingham, Danielle Strickland, and NT Wright.

There will be hundreds of leaders from around the world in attendance. Many of these leaders will be hearing about LeaderImpact for the first time.

But I don’t want you to just weigh the benefits for you. This is more about supporting and joining a movement. It means inviting someone, getting up early, sacrificing time, and spending some money.

Even though LeaderImpact has been around for over a decade, it’s still in Start-Up. We need great leaders, like you, to get on board.  This is what being part of a movement is about. We all count. Imagine if leaders everywhere were committed to becoming leaders of impact.

It’s a dream worth pursuing.


My promo code BDOUGLAS for 40% off the ticket price expires on Friday, November 20th.

Register Here: Global Summit on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

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